350 signed petition calling for safe pedestrian path in Chwilog area

Residents living in the Chwilog area have submitted a 350 signed petition to Gwynedd Council calling for plans to introduce a safe footpath from the outskirts of the village down to Afonwen in Eifionydd.

There have been calls over the years for a safe route to be introduced from the village of Chwilog to Afonwen, because so many local residents walk along the lane. Over the years, the number of vehicles travelling along the road has increased, making it increasingly difficult for residents to walk safely along the road.

Local Gwynedd Councillor, Aled Evans said: “Requests and enquiries have been made since before I became a Councillor representing the area to look at creating a safe footpath along this lane which begins from the outskirts of Chwilog village towards Afonwen.

“Currently the road is dangerous for pedestrians, with sections of the roadside just a grass verge. It is not possible to walk along the side of the road with a pram or a child's bike – it is far too dangerous.”

With heavy traffic such as lorries, tractors and buses traveling along the route, the risk of an accident occurring on the road is an ever increasing risk.

Plaid Cymru Councillor Aled Evans, who represents the area on Gwynedd Council, said: “I have discussed the problem of a lack of footpath on this road on a number of occasions over the years with Gwynedd Council's Transport Department. As we are all aware, the lack of funding is a growing concern within local authorities, but I am keen to ensure that this area is prioritised for any Welsh Government funding and investment that may arrive in coming months.”

Anwen Jones, Chair of Llanystumdwy Community Council said: “There is a wonderful bike path running from Afonwen to Pwllheli on one side and then to Cricieth from the other. It's a safe route for everyone to use and a great resource for the area. This needs to be linked to our area. We also need this new path for the local people to get to the beach at Afonwen which is an ideal place to enjoy, but is difficult to get to as things stand.”

"As one Chwilog resident said, getting to the path as things stand from the village of Chwilog by bike or on foot is extremely dangerous, especially if you push a pram. It's a busy road with two hidden corners and overgrown grass sections that force people to walk or cycle along the road.

"As the Community Council responsible for the area, we appeal to Gwynedd Council to ensure urgent attention is given to the area, to ensure that the health and well-being of the area's residents is prioritised.”

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