Cai Larsen

Plaid Cymru Gwynedd Councillor for Canol Tref Caernarfon, Cai Larsen answers this month's Councillor in the Spotlight session. Cai has recently been elected chair of Plaid Cymru Gwynedd’s group of councillors. Read on to hear more about Cai.

  1. Name? Cai Larsen
  2. Age? 62
  3. Where were you born? I was born in Bangor.
  4. Where do you now live? I now live in Caernarfon.
  5. Do you have a family? Yes, I am married and we have five grown up children and three grandchildren
  6. What do you love about being a Councillor? I feel privileged to be able to help constituents, investigate on their behalf, solve problems and work with them to overcome any difficulties they face. Reaching out to the most disadvantaged constituents of my ward is a big part of my work and working with them brings me great satisfaction.
  7. What do you hate about being a Councillor? I feel extremely uncomfortable when constituents come to me asking for help to find social housing. I know that they are likely to be on a waiting list for a long time because there is not enough social housing in the Caernarfon area. There is real frustration in my ward, within this sector.
  8. Who is your hero / heroine? Sean MacBride because I can’t think of anyone who has achieved so much during his life. He was a rebel as a youngster, but he went on to form a political party, he was the Irish Foreign Minister whilst at the same time, a barrister. He was President of Amnesty International, Chairman of the International Peace Bureau, Vice President of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, President of the European Council Ministers Committee, he had leading roles in the UN and won the Nobel Peace Prize.
  9. What is your happiest childhood memory? Going for a nature walk on a hot summer’s day from Ysgol Penisarwaun to Dinas Dinorwig. It’s a large Celtic hillfort near Llanddeiniolen and there is a great view of Penisarwaun and the surrounding area from the top. I remember looking down at the view on this hot day and thinking that the school day would be over by the time we got back down, and I could run out to play with my friends.
  10. What is your greatest fear? I'm not a very fearful person - it's better to try to deal with difficult situations in a calm and no-nonsense manner than to fear them. That's how I see things, anyway!
  11. What does it mean to be Chairman of Plaid Cymru Gwynedd Group? It is a privilege to chair the largest group in the history of Gwynedd Council since its inception. Chairing a group with so many dedicated and enthusiastic members can be challenging at times, but it is also an extremely valuable and fulfilling experience.

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