Einir Williams

Plaid Cymru Gwynedd Councillor for Gerlan Ward, Dyffryn Ogwen, Einir Wyn Williams, answers this month's Councillor in the Spotlight session. Scroll down to hear more about Einir…

  1. Name? Einir Wyn Williams
  2. Age? 46
  3. Where were you born? I was born in Ysbyty Bangor and grew up in Braichmelyn, Bethesda in Ffrancon House, a grocery store in the village. I have no memory of the place as a shop, because shortly after I was born, my father and mother turned the shop into our family home.
  4. Where do you live now? I live up the lane from my home at Bryn Caseg estate.
  5. Do you have a family? Yes, I’m married to Chris and we have three children; Enoc is 16, Cari is 15 and Begw is 11.
  6. What do you love about being a Councillor? I really like being able to help local people, discuss their concerns and help them solve problems. I love meeting new people and have had to learn so many new and different things since becoming a county councillor. I was on the Community Council for five years before becoming a County Councillor, so I was ready to take the next step. I've settled into the role and am doing the work between my part-time job working for the Post Office.
  7. What do you hate about being a Councillor? The most frustrating thing about the work is the bureaucracy. The delays and layers of levels cause headaches when trying to solve a problem or find a solution on behalf of an individual or organisation. We are also dependent on partnerships within the council, very often, which can cause delays in trying to move things forward.
  8. Who is your hero / heroine? My father was my hero. I lost my father, Alwyn Parry, 25 years ago. He had not been well since he caught TB as a child. Dad was a builder by trade, and he worked hard all his life. He taught us, children, great values and principles telling us that we could achieve anything if we put our mind into striving and working hard.
  9. What is your happiest childhood memory? Enjoying our holidays in the caravan with mum and dad and my brother and sister. We had the smallest caravan ever but we travelled to all kinds of places throughout the UK. We travelled around happily and contented for two weeks even though there was no electricity or toilet in the caravan. It was a simple holiday and brings back many happy memories.
  10. What is your greatest fear? The biggest fear I have is being sent to prison. I don't know why.., maybe because of the stories you read about people being wrongly blamed or the fact that I'm a mother and think how the children would cope without me. But that's the irrational fear I have!

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