Statement by Gwynedd Councillor for Penygroes, Judith Humphreys in response to the announcement of Northwood to close its Penygroes site

"Yesterday's announcement by Northwood is a devastating blow to Penygroes, to Dyffryn Nantlle and to the whole of Gwynedd. The announcement came as a shock to the staff as they arrived at work yesterday (26 May) to begin their shift. It is a huge blow to staff and their families and is gravely disappointing after years of faithful and conscientious work for this company," said Penygroes Councillor, Judith Humphreys (pictured).

"Now our task begins, as we work together as politicians to search for solutions, to support staff and to open the door for direct discussions with the company to see if there is any way to find positive solutions.

"We are already aware of the financial support available to companies to ensure staff employment continuity during Covid-19 and that further support is also available to companies in the form of grants and loans. We will ensure that the company is fully aware of the spectrum of support available.

"There is also disbelief locally that a company selling professional hygiene and wiping products during a pandemic has been flooded with work and fails at a time when the sector has grown.

"Urgent discussions have begun between my fellow Plaid Cymru members who represent Arfon, Siân Gwenllian, Senedd Member and Hywel Williams MP plus with the Economy Department at Gwynedd Council. Urgent contact has also been made with the Welsh Government's Economy Minister, Ken Skates. I will do my utmost to find constructive solutions, while at the same time support the workers and their families.

"The loss of 94 jobs for the people of Dyffryn Nantlle is devastating news. My responsibility now is to ask the right questions on their behalf and to reach out to support them during the coming days and weeks."

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