Collaboration is the solution to avoid losing the Gerlan bus service

Collaboration is the answer to avoid losing a public bus service travelling from Bangor through Bethesda and to Gerlan, according to local County Councillor Paul Rowlinson.

“There is a parking issue at Gerlan during the evening that has an impact on Arriva’s local bus service," explains Plaid Cymru Councillor Paul Rowlinson.

Councillor Paul Rowlinson

Photo: Councillor Paul Rowlinson at the junction of Ffordd Gerlan and Stryd Morgan where buses are finding it difficult to turn due to parked vehicles.

“Arriva are threatening to withdraw the service after 5:30pm, because the place where the bus turns round to travel back to Bethesda and Bangor, the junction of Ffordd Gerlan and Stryd Morgan, can sometimes be blocked by parked vehicles.

“I am aware of the problem and have written to ask people not to park where the buses turn. It is now crucial that people do not park there, or we could lose the evening bus service.”

Due to the general increase in the number of vehicles within communities and the lack of suitable parking locations, Bethesda Community Council has been looking to resolve the problem in the long term for some time.

"Bethesda Community Council, Ogwen Partnership and Gwynedd Council have been looking at a solution to mitigate the difficult parking issues in the area. Unfortunately there has been some delay to that work but I'm pleased to say that progress is now being made,” explains the Councillor.

The Council has agreed with the landowner to buy a piece of land and will look at the  drainage of the site before proceeding to create a business plan and submit a planning application for a car park for the village.

"The Community Council will send a leaflet to local people with more detail soon, but meanwhile, I urge everyone to work together, and remind local people to park carefully in the area to ensure that buses continue to run into the evenings.

"It is vitally important that a public transport service like this continues to reach our local area, for the benefit of everyone," said Councillor Paul Rowlinson.

Gwynedd Council will ask a traffic warden to visit the location in Gerlan to enforce the parking restrictions.


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