Local concerns about proposal for holiday cabins at Coed Wern-Tŷ-Gwyn, Glasinfryn, Gwynedd

Gwynedd residents are being urged to share their thoughts on current proposals to develop Glasinfryn woods between Bethesda and Bangor into a 40 new holiday cabin business.Plaid Cymru Councillors Menna Baines, Pentir & Dafydd Owen, Tregarth and Mynydd Llandygai

Pictured are Plaid Cymru Gwynedd Councillors: Menna Baines, Pentir & Dafydd Owen, Tregarth & Mynydd Llandygai

A planning proposal has been submitted to Gwynedd Council for 40 lodges, a reception building and two water features at the woodland.

Plaid Cymru Councillors Dafydd Owen and Menna Baines recently called a meeting at Glasinfryn asking for residents’ views and urging them to make their opinions known to the Council before the deadline of 26 September 2018.

Councillor Dafydd Owen, representative for Tregarth and Mynydd Llandygai residents, explains: “We were keen that local people are given an opportunity to share their thoughts and input the planning process, so everyone has an opportunity to understand the proposal and air their views.

“A planning application of this nature has a direct impact on local residents, their day to day lives and to the community as a whole. It is important people share their views, and make their voices heard.

Councillor Menna Baines who represents Pentir ward on Gwynedd Council said: “Residents from Bro Infryn housing estate will be affected if this proposal is passed. That is one reason we thought it important that a public meeting was called.”

“A number of people attended Y Ganolfan at Glasinfryn last week (13 Sept), whilst others who could not attend the meeting have also been in touch with us, as local representatives.

“Most of those present were concerned about the general effects a development of this nature would have on the community, including noise from a holiday village of this size.

“Traffic was another issue which was discussed, with people already very concerned about speeding in the area and unsuitable vehicles using the narrow road through the village of Glasinfryn which has no pavement for pedestrians to use safely.”

Other individuals who attended the meeting seemed supportive of the application, stating that the development could bring economical benefits to the area, and would develop a currently disused piece of land.

Tourism plays a huge role within Gwynedd, and some residents felt that Glasinfryn could benefit from the development of a quality holiday let cabin business on their doorstep. But others questioned the nature of any possible employment opportunities.

“Whatever people’s opinions are, it is important they share their views with Gwynedd Council’s planning service before Wednesday, 26 September,” explains Councillor Dafydd Owen.

“Councillor Dafydd Owen and myself, have many reservations about the proposal, and will make those known to officers, as part of the planning procedure,” Councillor Menna Baines explains.

Anyone keen to learn more about the application, and comment on the proposal, should quote reference C18/0767/25/LL at Gwynedd Council’s website: www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru

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